PD Challenger

Our instructor, Paul Goddard, delivers his own unique and specific exercise regime called PD Challenger, which was the name devised by one of our members who said "This name is to me the meaning of the exercises .  They help an individual take control of the condition and help them cope with all the many challenges that PD brings".   

Devised from his extensive experience as a neurological rehabilitation therapist, it's a tailored exercise programme which works on mind and body co-ordination. It can help improve the symptoms of PD.  

 Penny, AWPC Chairperson, commented "PD Challenger conveys the diversity of what Paul does: physical challenge including challenges of speed, balance and control and also cognitive challenge including complexity of movement, sequencing and concentration. It is such a holistic programme that addresses the wide range of challenges encountered by People with Parkinson's". 

Seated (starting 7th December)

We strive to abide by the motto "we leave no-one behind" so that all People with Parkinson's, whatever stage they are at  in their journey with PD, can depend upon the provision of some PD-specific exercise.  

 Commencing Thursday 7th December we'll be providing a 45 minute seated class for a maximum of 8, 2.15-3pm, at Sawston Pavilion, Mill Lane, Sawston.  

The class will 'go with the flow’ - meaning that each week will depend on who turns up and how they are feeling. Sometimes class will include complex cognitive exercises such as counting backwards and repeating times tables while exercising. There will be elements of strength and stretch with some weights, bands and ball work. On the days when the group is feeling lower energy, the focus will be on motivation and Tai Chi movements for wellbeing. It will be a fully interactive class, working with what the individual needs are for each person.

Please register your interest by email if you'd like to attend.


Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking for People with Parkinson's focuses on the correct gait technique so improves walking, stride length, co-ordination and balance.


When the weather is bad, Paul provides an indoor alternative of a combination of Smoveys and Tai Chi.

Smoveys are corrugated plastic tube rings which contain steel balls. As one swings the rings, the balls move up and down the tube, and the resulting vibrations stimulate the body and mind to provide an exercise free from heavy lifting or impact training. Smoveys can help improve core strength, balance, co-ordination, posture and gait.


Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese martial art.   It’s a series of different postures that flow into each other in slow movements. 

Because Tai Chi is a mix of exercise and meditation, your brain gets a work out too – leading to better brain function. It improves heart health, and has even been shown to boost your immune system.


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